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Over the Moon Designer Jewelry
Welcome to my world, where you will find natural healing gemstone jewelry!
My love of natural gemstones and crystal evolved over the years due to my mother’s love of jewelry and her involvement with vintage gemstone jewelry at her antique store. I began learning from an early age about the quality of gemstones, crystals and precious metals and their properties.

Designing jewelry for myself, family and friends a few years ago I became interested in the study of natural gemstone’s healing energies, I learned how gemstones worked on many levels; emotional, spiritual and physical

I found that wearing natural gemstones helped to heal and empower my clients as well as myself. I also learned that wearing particular gemstones prevented negativity, grounded and calmed me, helped me overcome fears and phobias and enhanced my clarity.

My background has been in the hands-on healing art of Reiki (Master/teacher) and Reflexology. In my Reiki classes I teach how to use natural gemstones with Reiki for healing the body, mind and spirit.

My jewelry is hand-made by me and most are one-of-a-kind pieces. I enjoy hand selecting all of the gemstones so that I can feel their vibrations and energy for healing. All my jewelry is made with healing energy and universal love to help heal for the highest good or better.